Add Domain Name in Office 365

After you sign up for Office 365, the very first thing you would want to do is add a domain name. Make sure you own the domain name, otherwise you can’t add the domain name. You will be stuck at verification page. In this post, I will show steps to add domain name in Office 365.

Add Domain Name in Office 365

Log on to Office 365. Go to Office 365 Admin Center.

Add Domain Name in Office 365

Click DOMAINS in the features pane. Click Add domain option as shown above.

get started

Click Next on get started page.

Add Domain Name in Office 365

Type your domain name that you want to add as shown above. Click Next.

verify domain name (1)

You now have to verify that you actually own the domain name. You can use MX or TXT record for verification. I recommend to use TXT record as MX record modification can affect mail flow. Remember, if you don’t own the domain name, then you can’t add in Office 365. Go to your domain hosting panel. Create a TXT record and add the TXT value as shown above.

Add TXT Record

It might take 1 minute to 24 hours for the TXT record to replicate to all public DNS servers on the Internet. So wait for about at least 5 minutes before clicking next button. Click Next on Office 365 domain verification page.

Add Domain Name in Office 365

After verification is done, click Next.

update users

Check users to update new domain name. Click Next.

user updated

The user has been updated with new domain name successfully. Click Next.

skip add users

You can add new users in this page. I will skip this by clicking skip this step.

Ready for DNS Update

Now you will need to add some DNS records to make various Office 365 services to work with the domain name you just added. Click Next.

dns management

You can choose whether you want the DNS settings to be configured automatically. I will choose No. Click Next.

DNS Records

Here you can choose for which services you want the DNS records to be added. I will choose Outlook on the web for email, calendar, and contacts and Mobile Device Management for Office 365 options. You can always add or remove DNS records later. Click Next.

add dns records

Add above records in your domain hosting account for the particular domain you added. Once added, click Next. You will get all green checks. Click Next again.


Click Finish. In this way you can add a domain name in Office 365 account.


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