Clone virtual machine in VMware vCenter

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There are a couple of ways to clone existing virtual machine in VMware environment. You can clone virtual machine with VMware vCenter or even clone with VMware vSphere client. vCenter server has a lot of features and functionality that just works great. Here, I will show how to clone virtual machine in VMware vCenter server. Cloning functionality is very handy when deploying many virtual machines in short period. Cloning virtual machines in vCenter server is easy and has few steps.

Clone virtual machine in VMware vCenter

At first, log in to vCenter server.

Clone virtual machine in VMware vCenter

Then expand the host from where you want to clone the virtual machine. Select and right-click the VM and click clone.

Clone virtual machine in VMware vCenter

Type the name of new virtual machine. Then, select the inventory folder and click next button.


Now select the host where you want to store the cloned virtual machine. Click next button.

select host

Now, select the data store to store hard disk file of the virtual machine. Click next button.

select datastore

Here, you can customize the new cloned virtual machine. I will select to power on the virtual machine after creation and click next button.

guest customization

Now click finish to complete the step.

ready to finish

After couple of seconds your cloned virtual machine will be ready for use.

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