Enable Built-in Anti-Spam Agents in Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 comes with built-in anti-spam agents. You can enable these agents to tackle email spams. Anti-Spams are available in Edge Transport server role and Hub Transport server role. This article shows steps to enable built-in anti-spam agents in Exchange 2010 in Hub Transport server. Enable Built-in Anti-Spam Agents in Exchange 2010 When you install Exchange […]

HTTP to HTTPS and OWA Redirection in Exchange 2010

After installing and setting up Exchange Server 2010, it is important to configure https redirection. By default, users will have to type to get to access email using web browsers. If users don’t start with https, and just, then they will get error, 403 – Forbidden: Access is denied. This is because the […]

Configure Email Address Policy in Exchange 2010

An email address is a combination of local part (name), @ symbol and SMTP domain name. When you install Exchange 2010, the default email address format is combination of Active Directory user alias, @ symbol and forest root domain name. If you install Exchange 2010 on a domain called, company.local then the email address will […]

Install SSL Certificate in Exchange 2010

After installing Exchange, you need to install SSL certificate in Exchange 2010 to secure email communications. By default a self-signed certificated is created when you install Exchange 2010. The self-signed certificate is not trusted by client computers or computers out on the Internet. So, we need to install public digital certificate which is trusted by all. You […]

Setup Exchange 2010 to Receive Email for Multiple Domains

When you install Exchange 2010, a default accepted domain name is configured automatically. The default domain name is populated from Active Directory forest root domain. For example, if you have a forest root domain of company.local then the default accepted domain name will be company.local. .local domain name is not routable on the Internet so […]

Configure Exchange Server to Send and Receive Outside Email

After installing Exchange Server you have to do various configuration and adjustments to start sending and receiving mails in Exchange 2010. Here I will show you steps to configure Exchange Server to send and receive outside email. Configure Exchange Server to Send and Receive Outside Email Open Exchange Management Console from Exchange Server that you […]
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