Reset User Password in Exchange 2013

Configuring and changing password is one of the important tasks in securing an IT environment. At times, users do forget their passwords, or maybe the password is not strong enough, or the password is to be changed every month, so a password change is required by the user. Users can easily change password by themselves […]

Configure External and Internal URL in Exchange 2013

To be able to access emails from internal and external network using different services, various URLs must be properly configured in the Exchange server 2013. URL for outlook web access, ActiveSync, autodiscover and outlook anywhere virtual directories are the most important ones. In this post I will show how to configure External and Internal URL in Exchange 2013 for […]

Configure User Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013

After installing and configuring Exchange 2013 you have to create recipients to be able to send and receive emails. There are different types of recipients in Exchange 2013. Different type of recipients are created and used for different purpose. A recipient is any mail-enabled object in Active Directory. It is important to understand different types […]

Configure Exchange Server 2013 to Send and Receive Outside Email

After successfully installing Exchange Server 2013, you can now configure the server to send and receive outside Email. To configure Exchange Server 2013 to send and receive outside email, you need to configure, accepted domains, email address policies, send connector and receive connector. We have been working on simple scenario shown below, Configure Exchange Server […]

Install Exchange Server 2013 in Windows Server 2012

Exchange Server 2013 is very different from Exchange 2010. There have been lot of changes and new features available in Exchange 2013. The installation process in Exchange 2013 is quite different from installation of Exchange 2010. So, in this post I will show steps to install Exchange Server 2013 in Windows Server 2012. It is […]

Understanding GPO in Windows Server 2012

Group Policies are computer or user settings that can be defined to control or secure the Windows server and client infrastructure. Understanding GPO in Windows Server 2012 before actually configuring and applying policy settings is very important. It is easy to understand GPO in Windows Server 2012. There are some new features of GPO in […]

Configure Shadow Copy of Shared Folder in Server 2012

Shadow copy feature in Server 2012 is used to restore previous versions of files and folders. Shadow copy backup feature is must faster than traditional backup solution. But this doesn’t mean that traditional back solution is replaced by shadow copies. Shadow copies can be very handy in certain scenarios where one needs to restore earlier […]
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