Best Start Menu for Microsoft Windows 8

In Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8, the start menu has completely changed. In fact, there is no start menu that used to be in Windows XP or Windows 7. The start menu is now a start screen which has live tiles. You will definitely miss start menu if you don’t have touch screen. But […]

Create Conditional DNS Forwarding in Windows Server 2008

Conditional DNS forwarding is used to forward DNS request to other DNS server in order to resolve the DNS query. If company-A purchases company-B then company-A can setup conditional DNS forwarding to send DNS requests destined for domain and vice-versa. So the forwarding is only when the domain name condition is met. In this article, […]

Configure Exchange Server to Send and Receive Outside Email

After installing Exchange Server you have to do various configuration and adjustments to start sending and receiving mails in Exchange 2010. Here I will show you steps to configure Exchange Server to send and receive outside email. Configure Exchange Server to Send and Receive Outside Email Open Exchange Management Console from Exchange Server that you […]

Install Windows 7 from USB

The process of installing Windows in your PC is getting simpler and simpler. In the past, installing Windows OS from USB stick was nightmare. But thankfully Microsoft has changed that. Here I will show steps to install Windows 7 from USB drive. These steps are very easy. All you need is USB drive with at […]

Configure External and Internal URL in Exchange 2010

After installing Exchange 2010, you need to setup different URLs for various Exchange services that needs to be accesses from internal and external network. The Exchange services that needs URL configuration are, Outlook Web Access (OWA), ActiveSync, Exchange Control Panel (ECP), Offline Address Book (OWA), WebServices, AutoDiscover and Outlook Anywhere. It is highly recommended that you […]

Configure Send Connector in Exchange 2010

Send Connector allows you to send emails from your Exchange server to other domains out on the Internet. When you install Exchange 2010, receive connector is created automatically by default. But you will have to create Send Connector manually. This article shows steps to configure Send Connector in Exchange 2010. Configure Send Connector in Exchange […]

Setup Exchange 2010 Mail Flow in .local AD Domain

Many organizations have .local domain as root domain in their Active Directory. For example, company.local, etc. .local domain names are not Internet routable. Meaning you won’t be able to send or receive emails to or from email address which contains .local SMTP address. In fact, you can’t have .local domain in your public DNS server […]
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