Distribute Static Route via OSPF in Cisco IOS Router

It is possible to have various routing protocols running in a network. Sometimes a communication between hosts that are running different routing protocol is required, and the way to accommodate the needs is by implementing route redistribution. Route redistribution is a terminology used to explain a process to distribute routes learned from one routing protocol […]

Configure Redistribution between RIP and OSPF in Cisco IOS Router

These days almost nobody uses RIP anymore, unless their network has to support a legacy machine or an older router model. In this situation, the best practice is to limit RIP network as such and use a newer routing protocol on the rest part of the network, such as OSPF. Cisco IOS Router supports both […]

Configure Policy Based Routing on Cisco Router

Policy Based Routing or PBR is a feature for network administrator to manipulate packet routing and forwarding to follow a defined policy set. In short, if packets arrived on a router matches a characteristic defined in the policy, then it will be given custom actions and ignoring the routing and forwarding logic. Such actions to […]