Setup RDS Host Farm in VMware Horizon 6

The ability to deploy RDS hosted apps and desktops via VMware Horizon 6 is an impressive new feature of VMware Horizon 6. This feature is available in Advanced and Enterprise editions of VMware Horizon 6. The hosted applications and desktops can now be managed from View Administrator. Similarly, PCoIP protocol can also be used by […]

Deploy RDS Hosted Application in VMware Horizon 6

After setting up Setup RDS Host farm, you can now deploy RDS Hosted application in VMware Horizon 6. The ability to deploy RDS hosted applications or desktops are available in Advanced and Enterprise editions of VMware Horizon 6. Note that you need to install Remote Desktop Session Host role service of RDS role in RDS server. […]

Deploy Linked Clone Virtual Desktop in VMware Horizon 6

View Composer is an optional component of VMware Horizon 6. It is used to deploy linked clone virtual desktops in VMware Horizon 6 VDI infrastructure. Linked clone virtual machine is based on parent VM snapshot. All the subsequent linked clone virtual machine are linked to master VM. View Composer requires database to store information of linked clone […]

Install VMware Horizon 6 View Connection Server

There are various components of VMware Horizon 6 all working together to construct virtual desktop infrastructure. View Connection server is the core and is the first server in Horizon (View) infrastructure. It acts as broker and authenticates users via Active Directory, associates virtual desktops to users, enables single-sign on, provides web-based View administrator portal, holds copy of […]