How to Enable WinRM via Group Policy

WinRM or Windows Remote Management is a service that allows execution of queries and commands on a Windows computer remotely from another Windows computer in the network. Just like SSH or Remote Terminal on other OS, WinRM is an extremely useful tool for administrator on a managed domain environment. By default WinRM is enabled on […]

How to Map Network Drive using Group Policy

Mapping network drive using Group Policy is very flexible and has better chance to show mapped drives correctly compared to logon script. This is because Group Policy always refreshed periodically in the background. Anytime connection to the Domain Controller can be established, drives can be mapped. Even with the existence of newer technology such as […]

Change Windows Desktop Background Using Group Policy

Group Policy is the center of administration for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) domain service. Administrator can set up specific configuration and policy and enforced them on the targeted users or computers that are member of the domain structure. One of the common practices in an organization or company is using Group Policy is to push […]

Install Domain Controller in Server 2012 using Windows PowerShell

PowerShell is a powerful command line tool that let’s you do all the cool things that GUI can’t do. Here, I will show steps to install Domain Controller in Server 2012 using Windows PowerShell. The installation is similar to GUI installation but involves PowerShell cmdlets. Install Domain Controller in Server 2012 using Windows PowerShell Make […]

Install Active Directory in Windows Server 2012

Domain Controller is a central repository for identity management. Active Directory Domain Controller allows you to create user accounts and manage them centrally using tools like Active Directory Users and Computers. It is very easy to install domain controller in Windows Server 2012. But before you install Active Directory in Windows Server 2012, it is […]