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Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro

There are many editions of Windows 10 operating system. Most popular ones are Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 Home edition are for home users who don’t require enterprise features. Enterprise features like Active Directory domain join, Azure AD join, BitLocker encryption, Remote Desktop, etc. are available in Windows 10 Pro. When […]


Join Windows 10 to Domain

When you setup Active Directory Domain Controller server in your network, you can then join one or more Windows clients to the Active Directory domain. You can centrally manage domain-joined PCs from domain controller. You can create, configure and apply group policies to push various user and computer settings to the domain-joined machine. Similarly, you […]


Change Computer Name in Windows 10

Computer name is used for identifying your computer in the network. It is also used by administrators for asset tracking and gaining access to your PC remotely when it’s joined to Active Directory domain. You can use naming conventions if you are renaming many Windows 10 PCs for your company. You can use asset tag […]


Share a Folder in Windows Server 2016

There are many ways to setup shared folder in Windows Server 2016. You can use Server Manager to share a folder. You can also use folder properties share option to share a folder. This article shows steps to share a folder in Windows Server 2016 using folder properties share option. Share a Folder in Windows […]


Install Active Directory Domain Controller in Windows Server 2019

Active Directory Domain Controller server is primarily a Microsoft authentication and authorization system that runs Active Directory Domain Services server role. Active Directory server is also known as simply AD or AD DS or DC (Domain Controller). Active Directory stores AD objects like, user accounts, groups, computers, organizational units, etc. This article shows steps to […]


What is VMware vCenter Server?

VMware is the enterprise leading Virtualization Platform which comes as a software suite named VMware vSphere. This flagship software suite comes as a combination of VMware products such as VMware ESXi, vCenter Server, etc. There are differences between datacenter products offered by VMware. This article answers the question “What is VMware vCenter Server?” What is […]


How to Disable Windows Update using Group Policy

Windows update is an essential service from Microsoft to ensure that all Windows devices will be updated with latest updates. These updates include feature enhancements, driver updates, service packs, security updates, critical updates and other updates. Disabling windows update is not recommended. But because of specific business requirement you may need to disable the windows […]