Backup Exchange Mailboxes to PST with Iperius Backup

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Iperius Backup application is one of the feature packed application which lets you backup and restore your Exchange server and mailboxes easily. Iperius Backup supports Exchange 2010, 2013 and 2016. You can do full backup or incremental backup. You can also backup individual mailboxes into PST format. You can restore the backup into existing Exchange server or new server. The software is fairly priced and the license is perpetual. This article shows how you can backup Exchange mailboxes to PST with Iperius Backup with Iperius Backup tool.

Backup Exchange Mailboxes to PST with Iperius Backup

You can install the Iperius Backup software in the Exchange server or any other dedicated server. You can download the Iperius Backup from here. This article shows how you can backup mailboxes to PST using Iperius Backup software. Pre-requisites of this application are Windows Management Framework 4.0 and .NET Framework 4.5. Make sure these two prerequisites are installed in the machine where Iperius Backup will be installed. After installing and running the Iperius Backup application you will see following screen.

Click Create new backup to create backup job. Under items to backup you can see FTP, ESXi, HyperV, Exchange, and so on. This backup tool can backup not just Exchange server.

Select Exchange icon.

Backup Exchange Server with Iperius Backup

At very first, you need to add Exchange Administrator account and Test Connection with Exchange Server. Click Add user and enter Exchange administrator credentials as shown above.

Click Test connection to test the credentials. If successful, you will get connected successfully message as shown above. Click OK. Click Save to save the user credentials.

As you can see above, administrator account have been added. Now click Close.

You will see the administrator account under Exchange Account in the drop-down as shown above. To connect this account with Exchange server click Connect/Refresh option. Once connected, it will list all the mailboxes that exists in your Exchange organization.

To backup mailboxes into PSTs, you must create a shared folder first. The destination must be a network path. Here I have already created a shared folder named Iperius Backup. Enter the network path of the shared folder. Select the mailboxes that you want to backup into PST and then click OK.

Click Next. On the destinations page, no need to change anything click Next.

In the Scheduling tab, you can set up backup schedule. To enable automated backup scheduling, check Run backup automatically using the following scheduling option and choose prefered option. Here I have selected weekly, and choson every Wednesday and Sunday midnight. Click Next. In the Options tab, you can modify other optional settings. Click Next. In the E-mail notifications tab, you can add mail account and specify recipients who will receive backup reports. Click Next. In the Other processes tab, you can specify script or program that can be executed before or after the backup job. Click Next.

In the Summary page, you will see settings that you have configured. Type job and description and click OK.

Now right-click the backup job named Exchange and click Run backup to start the backup immediately.

After the backup is completed, you can click see log to view the logs.

As you can see above, all mailboxes was exported to PST successfully.

If you open the shared folder you will see the list of PST files. In this way you can use Iperius Backup software to backup your Exchange mailboxes into PST files.

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