Why Backup your Microsoft Office 365

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No one can deny that security threats have increased dramatically in recent years. Record global redemption attacks have made headlines recently, once again drawing attention to the issue of data protection.

The truth is, threats are everywhere, and disasters can strike at any time. Business owners should consider this as a high risk for their organizations and be proactive. No organization is too small to be the target of a cyber-criminal. Besides, business data is at risk no matter where it is stored. It does not matter if it is in the office, in the living room, or a cloud.

Why backup Office 365 when it’s secured?

Yes, Office 365 is secure. But do users feel safe when it comes to the protection of their critical data?

Microsoft invests heavily in securing its products. There are more than 200 million users monthly, with exponential growth each hour, each minute, each second. And on each hour, tens of millions of users are online in the Microsoft network applications worldwide. This is only possible due to the large availability and the fact that Office 365 services are secure and consistent. Access is carefully separated so that organizations only have access to their data.

What is essential is that Microsoft Office 365 is “storming” across the globe as one of the main software for any business. Microsoft decided to move the software to the cloud to ease the operations and shorten the performing time frame. It’s totally secure, but it all comes down to your responsibility for handling your crucial data. Sometimes, an accidental disaster may occur. This time, you gotta deal with it on your own.

To deal with any disaster, you need to rely on a third-party Office 365 backup. It is the best way to be protected if any accidental or even malicious file deletion, user errors, data corruption, and ransomware. Your third-party provider can practically store backups with no relation to Microsoft servers and enable folder or app restoring. These solutions are your safeguards to help you backup your critical data easily.

In this case, not all solutions you will find on the internet are great tools that can provide you all the things you need or require. Choosing a proper backup provider might take your time. Still, business professionals expect that they can be “lucky” enough while trying to contact your live support and many other parameters to meet their data protection requirements. And if there is no answer, or even worse, the provider is not offering you any live support service; then you are on the wrong track.

Office 365 data should be of major importance. Besides, let’s take a closer look at the crucial 6 reasons you need to consider for backing up Office 365 data and what to evaluate when choosing the best suitable third-party backup provider.

  • The responsibility is in your hands (Microsoft does provide a backup, but not the one for broadening needs)

By voyaging with the speed of light, Office 365 is already becoming the center of any business and its performance. Some businesses have skipped the meeting to create and establish a strategy for backup and recovery options of Office 365 by not considering this as a core business operation point. While other businesses rely on Microsoft’s backup, they are not fully aware that Microsoft is not providing full backup and business recovery capabilities.

It is a risky strategy to go with the default backup. Still, Microsoft offers a few things that might help provide protection and retention services, but with limited space and limited options. This is why the full responsibility comes down to the business owners, so they should study any unwanted situation of data loss by following the 3-2-1 backup rule, which is a standard protection best practice (3 copies of data to be stored in 2 different media forms, and 1 offsite copy).

Your business creates, captures, stores, and utilizes huge amounts of data crucial to your business’s continuity every day. Losing that data can mean anything from wasting time and money to quitting your job.

Your company will be grateful if Office 365 is secured and protected by a third-party vendor to increase productivity and growth.

  • A single tool for managing Office 365 backups for a sheer number of organizations

The company’s yielding effects are results from excellent management skills combined with great services and satisfied customers.

Not so long ago, administrators needed to connect every organization individually to organize retention services. There is nothing similar to this since now admins can manage backups from a centralized system through several entities.

Every business on this planet should take into account backup versions for MSPs as well. It can be done by enabling MSPs to execute backups and manage them from a central platform to satisfy all the customers and prove their worth in gaining potential users. Nonetheless, it is of utmost importance that backup should include emails, attachments, mailboxes, contacts, calendars, and files recorded in OneDrive or SharePoint throughout all tenants.

By simplifying administration and reports, businesses save additional time that is not calculated in the weekly diary. And one of the most important concerns like increasing the cost will be over. Reducing cost and saving money are the two most essential approaches to achieving the company’s goals.

  • The need for retaining access during a breakdown

When running a business, effectiveness is one of the most important criteria. Using a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider will benefit your business in reaping the advantages and staying ahead of the competitors. Many businesses now are thinking ahead of time and can predict an outage or a disaster.

Imagine if a breakdown has happened, and you have to deal with all the outcomes that will come out sooner or later. Better not to continue in this way, so a proper business owner is always ahead of time by considering an Office 365 backup to protect and save data from any disaster in the cloud.

No need to worry if the business already acquired a third-party vendor to secure Office 365 data, and to sleep free and carelessly at night knowing that somebody out there is on your side to perform the tasks you require.

Anyway, some organizations do not consider Office 365 backup since they can get by without access to their data.

But, an automated performance backup can help any organization several times a day.

  • Additional recovery options to reduce downtime

Microsoft basic data protection does not feature nor provide the ability to recover data outside of the original placement. You may find out of luck if you need to send the data to a mailbox or even the account is no longer active.

The proper solution for Office 365 backup should definitely provide businesses with additional options to give you the freedom of data recovery. It can be done if the vendor has all the flexibility in the world to support prompt solutions and the restoring of data to different locations.

If the backup provider can restore an entire mailbox or simply an individual message by utilizing the ILR (item-level recovery).

In many cases, employees are creating duplicates of data, despite the collaborative feature of OneDrive. This might come from various situations like sharing crucial data outside their office or, even worse, to collapse the system by performing something outside their discipline.

In not so rare cases, they might delete on accidental the version of a file from its original when experimenting with duplicates and how to get rid of them.

  • A 3rd party backup enables protection from disaster situations of Office 365 infrastructure and unwanted attacks

By utilizing Office 365, you are familiar that you are into the cloud-first world of technology. The emerge of disaster is a reality, even though there isn’t any key data damage from the large cloud providers. And this is why numerous businesses worldwide are considering a recovery option for their mailboxes and documents. Having a third-party backup provider for your Office 365 data, your data is stored in an isolated cloud storage account, so it is improbable to be affected in case of any cloud failures.

Furthermore, Office 365 data backup can protect your business in case of malware or ransomware attack. In case you face database corruption, data vulnerability, cyber victims, etc., it becomes effortless for you to restore your significant mailbox data from the backup promptly. Thereby, your business will be grateful by knowing that the crucial data is protected and secured with the help of a third-party vendor. Imagine having a disaster, and financial losses are rising just by not implementing the successful process of choosing an Office 365 backup provider.

  • It would be best if you have a simple backup solution with a super-fast live support

No matter if the organization is small, medium, or big, a reason to ponder for great live support is to be fertile and satisfactory if one requires additional assistance from vendor’s live support.

Imagine you need some small help from your provider. You go to their live support page looking for the “chat now” button desperately. And nothing, you cannot find anything similar, but a popup suddenly is coming out saying that “Hey, this is Joanna, and I am here to assist you with anything you need”. So, you type your question and immediately receive an answer saying that “For more info, please visit our support page here”. And you are stunned! You feel angry!

How about this? You are on your provider’s support page, and they only provide you with email help and FAQ to solve any issue of yours or find additional help regarding the product.

This is why all businesses should avoid vendors who do not offer a live chat or live support for their customers. Talking to a chatbot is nothing similar nor will be when you are chatting to a living person from the other side. The person will chat with you and will try to solve the issue ASAP.

On the other hand, vendors who offer email help might take too long to solve any issue or provide additional assistance.


Your provider, i.e., the third-party backup for Office 365, should have all the functionalities mentioned above in a single tool. Businesses and organizations should not suffer any damage made by an accidental error or malware and ransomware attack. Every backup operation should be executed with a precise method and strategy for your Office 365 data.

Not so many companies would offer the protection and security of your Office 365 data. The best fit for your needs is Altaro Office 365 backup solution, which offers hassle-free backups, restoring items that were previously deleted or destroyed, robust and unlimited storage, centralized management, excellent value, lighting-fast 24/7 support, and much more.

With the Altaro Office 365 Backup, an automated backing up and saving data to a secure cloud backup location is one of their prime features. All data is stored in a secure location on their Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

When looking for more options, then Vembu and Iperius are also quite good at providing organizations and companies worldwide with a stable and secure Office 365 backup.

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