Block TOR Application in Juniper SRX

TOR application allows users to browse any sites, by bypassing firewall. So all the policies, rules configured in SRX goes in vain if users in the network are using TOR application in their browsers. Juniper SRX can’t block TOR application but there is a work around method that can be used to block TOR application […]


Configure Private VLANs in Juniper Switch

It is often a requirement to split a broadcast traffic or to restrict communication between hosts within a same VLAN. Private VLAN or PVLAN is a feature that is used to split broadcast traffic or restrict communication between hosts within a same VLAN in a switch. Private VLANs can be configured on all models of […]


Configure Logging in Juniper Firewall Filter

Logs are important feature that can be very handy to troubleshoot or monitor networks. You can configure firewall filters in various Juniper devices. Juniper’s SRX, EX, MX, T and other series devices support stateless firewall filters. Firewall filters are like access control lists (ACLs) in Cisco world. Firewall filters can be used to allow or […]


Configure Dynamic (Remote Access) VPN in Juniper SRX

Dynamic VPN or Remote Access VPN is a feature available in branch series SRX. By default, branch series SRX gateways come pre-installed with two dynamic VPN licenses. So by default, only two remote users can have dynamic VPN simultaneously. You can purchase additional license for more dynamic VPN users. Dynamic VPN is used by users […]


Configure SRX Mode to Packet Mode from Flow Mode

Branch series Juniper SRX can operate at two different modes; packet mode and flow mode. In flow mode, SRX process all traffic by analyzing the state or session of traffic. In packet mode, SRX can process traffic as traditional router without analyzing the session of the traffic. By default, JunOS in SRX devices work at […]


Install JunOS From Loader

Sometime Juniper devices¬†may not boot JunOS properly. The image might be corrupted. So you need to re-install the JunOS of the EX or SRX device from the loader prompt. It is always good idea to have a USB snapshot of the JunOS device. But if you don’t have backup then you have to re install […]