Configure Private VLANs in Juniper Switch

It is often a requirement to split a broadcast traffic or to restrict communication between hosts within a same VLAN. Private VLAN or PVLAN is a feature that is used to split broadcast traffic or restrict communication between hosts within a same VLAN in a switch. Private VLANs can be configured on all models of […]


Configure Filter Based Load Balancing in Juniper SRX

There are various tricks to configure load balancing in JunOS devices. Filter based forwarding and per flow load balancing methods are quite popular. These type of load balancing can be configured in many Juniper devices like, MX series, J series, SRX series, etc. Here, I will show steps to configure filter based load balancing in […]


Load Balance Dual ISP Internet in Juniper SRX

There are different methods for load balancing internet traffic in Juniper SRX series devices. Two of them are per flow load balancing and filter based load balancing. You can use any method to load balance dual ISP internet in Juniper SRX or MX series¬†or J series devices. Here, I will load balance dual ISP internet […]


Configure Dual ISP Link Failover in Juniper SRX

If you have two ISPs or two different links for same destination, then you can configure floating static route. Floating static route allows you to failover the link if the primary link fails. This is accomplished by using preference and qualified-next hop feature available in JunOS operating system. To configure dual ISP link failover in […]


Configure Link Aggregation Group in Junos

Link Aggregation is very useful technology in areas where high availability and high bandwidth is required. It allows you to combine multiple interface into one at the MAC layer, providing redundancy and fault tolerance link at the same time. There are different names for this same technology. Cisco says ether channel, Juniper says bundle, others […]


VLAN Difference between Juniper and Cisco Switches

A VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a logical LAN segment which have unique broadcast domain. Basically, VLAN divides one physical switch to multiple logical switch. You can configure hundreds of VLANs in one EX series switch. No matter if its EX4200, EX3200 or EX2200. Today I will show you VLAN difference between Juniper and […]