Configure IP Address in JunOS

Are you new to Juniper Networks? If yes then I am sure you are having hard times configuring IP address in Juniper device’s interface. Today I will show you how to configure IP address in JunOS or Juniper devices. Before showing you the commands in configuring IP address lets begin with some basics. Configure IP […]


Junos CLI Basics

Junos software is based on FreeBSD Unix operating system. The command line interface of Junos operating system is very unique. It is hierarchy based and is very easy to use. The CLI of Junos contains two different modes; operational and configuration. Understanding Junos CLI basics is important step in learning Junos OS. Junos CLI Basics […]


Using HELP Commands in Junos

It would be great if we could remember every commands of boxes. But this is not so. Junos is core operating system of Juniper Networks. The JUNOS software is based on the FreeBSD operating system. Junos commands are hierarchical based which makes it much easier to configure any Junos device. Juniper Networks is booming it […]


Configure VLANs in Juniper Switch

Configuration of VLANs in Juniper switches is¬†different from Cisco switches. VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a logical LAN that have separate broadcast domain. VLAN is often called LAN virtualization. VLAN groups ports of the switch and each group are given different VLAN-ID and VLAN name. The groups acts like different switch logically. You can […]


Configure DHCP Server for Multiple VLANs in JunOS

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a protocol that dynamically provides IP addresses to hosts. The host use DHCP protocol to obtain IP address from DHCP server. The protocol creates database of IP addresses leased to clients. DHCP server can be configured in Juniper EX series switches to provide IP addresses to its hosts. You […]


Configure DHCP Server in Juniper SRX Device

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) has been proved to be very useful protocol. DHCP provides IP addresses to its hosts automatically. You can configure DHCP server on SRX for one or multiple VLANs. You can also configure DHCP Server in Juniper switches. Here we will setup DHCP server for one VLAN. So, lets configure DHCP […]


VLAN Difference between Juniper and Cisco Switches

A VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a logical LAN segment which have unique broadcast domain. Basically, VLAN divides one physical switch to multiple logical switch. You can configure hundreds of VLANs in one EX series switch. No matter if its EX4200, EX3200 or EX2200. Today I will show you VLAN difference between Juniper and […]