Install Exchange 2019 in Windows Server 2019

Exchange 2019 is newer version of Exchange Server from Microsoft. Exchange 2019 have few updates compared to Exchange 2016. Major update is that Unified Messaging feature is removed from Exchange 2019. This post shows steps to install Exchange 2019 in Windows Server 2019 in new Active Directory environment. Install Exchange 2019 in Windows Server 2019 […]


Why Backup your Microsoft Office 365

No one can deny that security threats have increased dramatically in recent years. Record global redemption attacks have made headlines recently, once again drawing attention to the issue of data protection. The truth is, threats are everywhere, and disasters can strike at any time. Business owners should consider this as a high risk for their […]


How to Move Documents Folder in Windows 10

Documents is one of the pinned shortcuts in Windows 10 and that is most likely where you will store your files. In its default configuration, Documents folder is located under each user profile folders. In some case, you may want to move the document from the location but still wants to use the shortcut. It […]


How to Move Desktop Folder in Windows 10

In Windows OS environment, Desktop is your home interface to keep shortcuts and files that you need to quickly access. By default, Desktop is created in OS drive (C:\) and is unique for every user account in the computer. In some case you would want to move the Desktop out of your user account folder, […]


RDP Connection Freezes in Windows 10

Remote Desktop connection is the default application available in Windows 10 machine to access other windows machines remotely. In Windows 10 there is a issue where once you establish RDP connection to the machine the screen will freeze after some time randomly and you have to disconnect and re-connect the RDP session. To fix RDP […]


Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro

There are many editions of Windows 10 operating system. Most popular ones are Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 Home edition are for home users who don’t require enterprise features. Enterprise features like Active Directory domain join, Azure AD join, BitLocker encryption, Remote Desktop, etc. are available in Windows 10 Pro. When […]


Join Windows 10 to Domain

When you setup Active Directory Domain Controller server in your network, you can then join one or more Windows clients to the Active Directory domain. You can centrally manage domain-joined PCs from domain controller. You can create, configure and apply group policies to push various user and computer settings to the domain-joined machine. Similarly, you […]