Why Backup your Microsoft Office 365

No one can deny that security threats have increased dramatically in recent years. Record global redemption attacks have made headlines recently, once again drawing attention to the issue of data protection. The truth is, threats are everywhere, and disasters can strike at any time. Business owners should consider this as a high risk for their […]


Setup Azure AD Connect to Synchronize Multiple Active Directory Forests

Azure Active Directory is a cloud version of on-premise Active Directory running on Windows server that we are all familiar with. Azure AD Connect is a tool that allow you to synchronize on-premise Active Directory objects like, user accounts, groups, contacts, etc. with Azure Active Directory. Azure AD Connect allow you to synchronize single Active Directory […]


Setup Azure AD Connect With On-Premise Active Directory

Azure Active Directory provides access control and identity management capabilities for Office 365 cloud services. Azure AD Connect is the new upgraded and latest version of DirSync application that let’s you synchronize on-premise active directory objects with Microsoft Office 365 cloud services. Before you Setup Azure AD Connect with On-Premise Active Directory it is good idea to know more […]


Cutover Migration from Exchange 2016 to Office 365 (Part 2)

There are different migration methods for moving your on-premise mailboxes to Office 365. Cutover migration is one of the easiest method available. Other migration methods are, Staged, Hybrid and IMAP. In the previous article, I talked about pre-requisites of Cutover migration. Here I will show steps to perform cutover migration from Exchange 2016 to Office 365 […]


Cutover Migration from Exchange 2016 to Office 365 (Part 1)

Cutover migration is the most easiest and straight forward migration type of Office 365. Other migration options are, Hybrid, Staged and IMAP. If your organization have less than 2000 mailboxes, you want Office 365 to manage mailbxes, then you can use Cutover migration to move mailboxes from on-premise Exchange server to Office 365. In this post, […]


Change Domain Name of Multiple Users in Office 365

After adding new domain name to your Office 365 account, you can assign it to existing Office 365 users. When you sign up for Office 365 account and create new users, the users will have email address of domain name. After adding the domain name, you can change the email address of users to […]


Remove Domain Name from Office 365

The process of removing a domain name from Office 365 is different from adding a domain name. In this post, I will show steps to remove domain name from Office 365. Remove Domain Name from Office 365 Office 365 account is configured with domain name To remove the domain name from Office 365, it should […]