Change Computer Name in Windows 10

Computer name is used for identifying your computer in the network. It is also used by administrators for asset tracking and gaining access to your PC remotely when it’s joined to Active Directory domain. You can use naming conventions if you are renaming many Windows 10 PCs for your company. You can use asset tag […]


Share a Folder in Windows Server 2016

There are many ways to setup shared folder in Windows Server 2016. You can use Server Manager to share a folder. You can also use folder properties share option to share a folder. This article shows steps to share a folder in Windows Server 2016 using folder properties share option. Share a Folder in Windows […]


Install Active Directory Domain Controller in Windows Server 2019

Active Directory Domain Controller server is primarily a Microsoft authentication and authorization system that runs Active Directory Domain Services server role. Active Directory server is also known as simply AD or AD DS or DC (Domain Controller). Active Directory stores AD objects like, user accounts, groups, computers, organizational units, etc. This article shows steps to […]


Backup DHCP Server in Windows Server 2012 R2

After you successfully configure your Windows DHCP server, the next thing you would probably want is to make a backup for it. Windows DHCP server has a native function to back up all DHCP server settings like scopes, reservations, filters, etc. It’s always a good idea to back up your Windows DHCP server. You can […]


Configure DHCP Scope in Windows Server 2012 R2

After finishing DHCP server installation, the next thing to do is creating a new DHCP Scope. You need to create a DHCP scope for each subnet that you want to distribute in the network. In each scope you will define the IP address, netmask, gateway, and several other DHCP options. Administrator can choose to Configure […]