Understanding Logical Structure of Active Directory

Active Directory is the heart of Microsoft’s identity and access management system. If you are new to Windows servers, understanding logical structure of Active Directory may be difficult. Active Directory infrastructure is made up of, domains, trees, forests, domain controllers, etc. There are five different server roles in Active Directory. Active Directory Domain Services is core […]


Rename Server Name in Windows Server 2008

After installing Windows Server 2008, the very first thing you should do is rename the server name. When you install the Server for the first time, the server name is automatically generated and is not very easy to remember. So in this article, I will show steps to rename server name in Windows Server 2008. […]


Install Active Directory Domain Controller in Windows Server 2008 R2

Active Directory Domain Controller is a critical part of Microsoft Server infrastructure. Active Directory is a directory which stores all the information about resources of a domain in a database. The Active Directory database is NTDS.dit and is stored in server with Active Directory Domain Services server role installed. Resources can be objects like users, computers, groups, printers […]