What is VMware vCenter Server?

VMware is the enterprise leading Virtualization Platform which comes as a software suite named VMware vSphere. This flagship software suite comes as a combination of VMware products such as VMware ESXi, vCenter Server, etc. There are differences between datacenter products offered by VMware. This article answers the question “What is VMware vCenter Server?” What is […]

Steps to Install VMware vSphere ESXi 6.7

VMware vSphere ESXi is one of the most popular hypervisor. It is used by most companies to manage their virtualization infrastructures. VMware vSphere version 6.7 lately released by VMware includes many more improvements like Configuration Maximums, Bug Fixes, ESXi Quick Boot, Persistent Memory(PMem) for the best performance and stability of the ESXi hypervisor. The version 6.7 […]

Configure Time Synchronization in vSphere 6

Synchronizing time with all the machines in the network is one of the most important task. The result of improper time synchronization can lead to serious network outages. After installing ESXi server, setting up proper time source is critical part of vSphere infrastructure setup. In this post, I will show steps to configure time synchronization […]

Configure IP Address and Hostname in ESXi Server

After installing ESXi host, the very first thing you would want to do is configure IP address and Host name in ESXi server. By default, the hostname is called localhost the IP address is set to DHCP client. So, in this post I will show steps to configure IP address and hostname in ESXi server. […]

Install and Configure VMware ESXi 6.0

After understanding basics of VMware vSphere components it’s now time to Install and Configure VMware ESXi 6.0. Make sure you’ve gone through various editions of vSphere before purchasing and installing it. There are few system requirements that must be met before you can install ESXi server. Make sure the server hardware that you are going to install […]

Setup RDS Host Farm in VMware Horizon 6

The ability to deploy RDS hosted apps and desktops via VMware Horizon 6 is an impressive new feature of VMware Horizon 6. This feature is available in Advanced and Enterprise editions of VMware Horizon 6. The hosted applications and desktops can now be managed from View Administrator. Similarly, PCoIP protocol can also be used by […]

Deploy RDS Hosted Application in VMware Horizon 6

After setting up Setup RDS Host farm, you can now deploy RDS Hosted application in VMware Horizon 6. The ability to deploy RDS hosted applications or desktops are available in Advanced and Enterprise editions of VMware Horizon 6. Note that you need to install Remote Desktop Session Host role service of RDS role in RDS server. […]