Install vCenter 5.5 in Server 2012 R2 with SQL Server 2012

vCenter server is central place for managing all the vSphere components like ESXi hosts, clusters, virtual machines, virtual machine templates, replication, high availability and so on. With release of vSphere 5.5, VMware has made lot of improvements in vSphere web client. There are two flavors of vCenter server. First – You can install vCenter Server in […]

Clone virtual machine in VMware vCenter

There are a couple of ways to clone existing virtual machine in VMware environment. You can clone virtual machine with VMware vCenter or even clone with VMware vSphere client. vCenter server has a lot of features and functionality that just works great. Here, I will show how to clone virtual machine in VMware vCenter server. […]

Create Copy of Existing Virtual Machine in ESXi Server

There are a couple of ways to copy or clone existing virtual machine. I will talk about two methods to clone virtual machines. If you have vCenter server in you environment, you can clone virtual machine with vCenter management console. But if you have just vSphere client then you can simply copy and paste virtual […]

Ping from ESXi Server

ESXi server is part VMware vSphere product. After installing and configuring ESXi server you might want to check the connectivity between the physical host and router. You can ping from ESXi server to router or other network components to test if ESXi server is reachable. Ping from ESXi Server Lot of people don’t know how […]

Configure NIC Teaming in ESXi Server

High availability is a major requirement of every organization. Today I will talk about configuring redundant and high speed links in ESXi server. After installing ESXi 5.0 server in physical server, you might want to connect your ESXi host with Ether channel switch. Ether channel or bundle is a technology used in switches that combines multiple […]

Change Root Password of ESXi Server using vSphere Client

Changing password more often is practice of making your device more secure. In ESXi server you can change the password from ESXi GUI interface or via vSphere client. Here I will show you how to change root password of ESXi server using vSphere client. vSphere client is software that is installed in client machine. The […]

Configure Password of ESXi Server

After downloading and installing the ESXi server you will often want to change the password of root user account. You can change the password from vSphere client or directly from the ESXi server. Here I will show you how to configure password of ESXi server from ESXi server GUI interface. Configure Password of ESXi Server After […]