Change Root Password of ESXi Server using vSphere Client

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Changing password more often is practice of making your device more secure. In ESXi server you can change the password from ESXi GUI interface or via vSphere client. Here I will show you how to change root password of ESXi server using vSphere client. vSphere client is software that is installed in client machine. The vSphere client is used to connect to ESXi server and make changes to ESXi server. You can create virtual machines, check health of server and so on. Administrators will be using vSphere client most of the times. People are often confused in knowing the difference between ESXi server and vSphere client. You can download vSphere for free which is trial of 60 days.

Change Root Password of ESXi Server using vSphere Client

Download and install the vSphere client in your client machine. You can install vSphere client in you laptop or desktop PC. To download the vSphere client browse the IP address of you ESXi server. For example,  It will give an SSL error message but click the proceed button (using Chrome browser).

Change Root Password of ESXi Server using vSphere Client

Click the Download vSphere Client and save it to your desired location. Now double click the installer file and install the application. After completing the installation, open the vSphere client from start menu, programs or from desktop shortcut.

vSphere Client

Enter the IP address of the ESXi server. Then enter the username and password and click login button. It will now give you a security warning stating certificate is not trusted. Click Ignore button. You will now see the following screen,

vSphere Client Screen

Now click the Local Users and Groups tab.

Change Root Password

Right click the user root and select Edit. Tick the check box to Change Password. Enter the new password and click OK button. Your root account password has successfully changed. You can now use the new password to login to ESXi server.

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