Configure Email Disclaimer in Exchange 2016

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Disclaimers are some legal statements that are added at the bottom of each emails that are coming or going out your organization. In Exchange 2016, disclaimers are configured as transport rules. Transport rule consists of one or more conditions, exceptions and actions. Transport rules are applied on Hub Transport or Edge Transport servers by transport agents. In this post, I will show steps to configure email disclaimer in Exchange 2016.

Configure Email Disclaimer in Exchange 2016

Log on to Exchange Admin Center (EAC). Click mail flow in the features pane. Select rules tab. This is where you configure all the transport rules in Exchange 2016.

Configure Email Disclaimer in Exchange 2016

Click + “Add” button. Click apply disclaimers.

new rule

Type name of the rule. Under apply this rule if option, choose the recipient is located and choose outside the organization option. Under Do the following option choose append the disclaimer. Type the legal statements. Example, “This email may contain confidential information. If you are not authorized to receive this email, you may not disclose, copy or use the information for your benefit. Please notify the sender if you have receive this email by mistake. MustBeGeek, New Baneshwor, Nepal.” Click OK. You can also use HTML and CSS to beautify the statements. You can add colors, change fonts, etc. using HTML and CSS tags. To specify fall back action click select one, and choose wrap. Wrap will create new email and adds disclaimer in this email and the original email is wrapped inside this new email. If you choose Ignore option, the email will be sent without disclaimer added. If you choose Reject option, the email won’t be sent and a NDR message is sent to the sender.

remaining rule option

Scroll down to view more option on the same page. You can add exceptions if you don’t want the disclaimer to be added on some emails. Under properties of this rule, you can audit the rule based on severity level. These audit can be viewed in transport rule reports. Under choose a mode for this rule, choose Enforce to apply this rule right away. The rule be enforced immediately and disclaimers will be added in all outgoing emails that matches teh condition specified in transport rule above. You can also specify dates to enable and disable the rule automatically. If you don’t specify dates, the rule will be activated immediately if enforce mode is chosen. Under match sender address in message choose Header which examines only the header. So the rule will check the header of outgoing message, if the message contains recipients that are in in this Exchange organization, the transport rule action is applied. After configuring all the settings, click save.

rule created

As you can see above the rule is create. Now, test by sending some emails to external recipients. The recipient will see a disclaimer in the footer of the email. In this way you can configure email disclaimer in Exchange 2016.

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