Configure Password of ESXi Server

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After downloading and installing the ESXi server you will often want to change the password of root user account. You can change the password from vSphere client or directly from the ESXi server. Here I will show you how to configure password of ESXi server from ESXi server GUI interface.

Configure Password of ESXi Server

After you start the ESXi server you will see the following screen.

Configure Password of ESXi Server

Press F2 function key to enter the server for configuration. It will then ask you for username and password. If you have password then enter the username and password. But if you have not set any username and password then press Enter key. After entering the username and password you will see the following screen,

Set Password of ESXi Server

From here you can change many settings of the system. By default, Configure Password is selected so press Enter button. You will then see the following screen,

Set new password of ESXi server

Now type the old password and new password and then hit Enter key. Your password is now successfully changed. Now the screen will go back to System Customization main screen. You can make other changes from here. You can configure or restore network settings from here. You can also reset the system configuration to default. Hit Esc key to escape from this screen and lock the screen.

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