Configure Send Connector in Exchange 2010

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Send Connector allows you to send emails from your Exchange server to other domains out on the Internet. When you install Exchange 2010, receive connector is created automatically by default. But you will have to create Send Connector manually. This article shows steps to configure Send Connector in Exchange 2010.

Configure Send Connector in Exchange 2010

Send Connector is used to control how emails from your Exchange organization is routed to external Email systems. You can setup more than one Send Connector in same Exchange server. There are four different types of Send Connectors, Custom, Internal, Partner and Internet. Internet Send Connector is used to send emails out on the Internet. To create Send Connector, logon to Exchange Management Console(EMC). Expand Organization Configuration and select Hub Transport.

Configure Send Connector in Exchange 2010

Select Send Connectors tab. Select New Send Connector from the Actions pane.

Configure Send Connector in Exchange 2010

Type name for the Send Connector. Under Select the intended use for this Send connector option choose Internet from the drop down.

Under address space, click Add. Then type “*” and click OK. Asterisk means this Send Connector will send email to all the domains on the Internet. Click Next.

Configure Send Connector in Exchange 2010

Under Network settings, you can choose MX records or smart hosts to route emails. Smart host is SMTP host given by your Internet provider or other hosts. MX record is DNS record which uses DNS servers to route email to the destination mail server. Here I will choose option¬†Use domain name system (DNS) “MX” records to route mail automatically. Click Next.

Under source server, if you have more than one Hub Transport server you can click Add and choose the server. Click Next.

Click New to create the Send Connector. Once it is successfully created click Finish. You can now login to your mailbox and send email to recipients outside your organization.





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