Configure Time Synchronization in vSphere 6

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Synchronizing time with all the machines in the network is one of the most important task. The result of improper time synchronization can lead to serious network outages. After installing ESXi server, setting up proper time source is critical part of vSphere infrastructure setup. In this post, I will show steps to configure time synchronization in vSphere 6.

Configure Time Synchronization in vSphere 6

Log on to ESXi server using vSphere client. Select the hostname from the inventory list on the left pane.

Configure Time Synchronization in vSphere 6

Click Configuration tab on the details pane on the right. Click Time Configuration under Software menu. Click Properties link.

time configuration

Under NTP Configuration. Check NTP Client Enabled option. NTP (Network Time Protocol) uses UDP port 123. Make sure you open them on the edge gateway/firewall/router. Then, click Options as shown above.

NTP Server

Select NTP Settings on left-pane. Under NTP Server, click Add. Type NTP server domain name or IP address and click OK. Make sure you have configured DNS IP and the ESXi host is able to reach Internet. Click Add again to add more NTP servers.

restart NTP service

Check the box “Restart NTP service to apply changes“. Click OK. Click OK again to go back to vSphere client.

NTP Configured

You can now see the NTP client is running and time is synchronized with the time server. If for some reason it doesn’t sync, restart NTP service from General settings of time configuration.

Restart NTP

In this way you can configure time synchronization in vSphere 6.


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