Configure VMware Horizon 6 Event Database and Reporting

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Event monitoring and reporting is critical part of VMware Horizon View infrastructure. You can use existing or dedicated database to store View events. The database server can reside on same View Connection virtual machine, or can be on dedicated database server. You can also use Syslog to send event logs to Syslog server In this post, I will show steps to configure VMware Horizon 6 Event Database and Reporting.

Configure VMware Horizon 6 Event Database and Reporting

The diagram below shows the environment that we have been working on. SQL Server 2012 is already installed in DB01 virtual machine running Server 2012 R2.

VMware View Design

So now, all we have to do is, create new database for View Events and call the database in View Admin. You don’t have to create ODBC database connection for this database. This step is usually done after installing View Connection server.

Log on to SQL server. Open SQL Server management studio. Right-click server and click Properties. In the Security page, make sure SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode is selected as Server Authentication. Click OK.

Server Properties

Right-click databases and click create new database.

Create Database

Give a name for the database and click OK.

New Database

Now create new user that will connect to this database.

New Login

Type login name, I will type ViewEvent as username too.


Select Server Roles in the left pane. Under server roles, check public and sysadmin.

server roles

Select User Mapping on the left pane. Check ViewEvent database under Users mapped to this login. Check db_owner and public as database role membership. Click OK.

User Mapping

Now login to View Connection server. Expand View Configuration and click Event Configuration. Click Edit as shown below.

Configure VMware Horizon 6 Event Database and Reporting

Type database information as shown below. Click OK.

Add Database Info

The database will be added. You can view the details about the database as shown below.

Event Details

The database has been added. Now events will be stored in the database.

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