Create LAN connection in VMware Workstation

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VMware Workstation has been great tool for testing purpose. It is now one of the leading virtualization products available in the market. VMware Workstation 8 is the new version of software from VMware. Unlike VMware Workstation 7, VMware Workstation 8 has no team concept. In VMware Workstation 8 you can create and mange virtual machines within folders which is conceptually similar to team in VMware Workstation 7. Creating network in VMware Workstation has always been the same. You can create LAN connection in VMware Workstation and run multiple virtual machines and work with them in a network. Here are the steps to create a network in VMware Workstation 8.

Create LAN connection in VMware Workstation

After creating and managing the folders and virtual machines, click one of the virtual machines on the Library pane. The setting and machine’s detail information is displayed in the middle window of the VMware interface like this,
Create LAN connection in vmware workstation

Now click on edit virtual machine settings option in middle window screen. As you click this option new dialog box opens. Here you can make all the settings for the virtual machine.

Create LAN connection in vmware workstation

Now, click on Network Adapter and look for options on the right. On the right under Network connection area there are options for network settings. The first is Bridged. The bridged allows you to connect you virtual machine directly to the physical network. The second is NAT. The NAT option allows you to share the host’s IP address. The third option is Host-only which allows you to have connection of you virtual machine with the host or parent machine only. The fourth is Custom. The custom setting allows you to make your own custom network settings. The last is LAN segment. We will be working on LAN segment. Lan segment option allows you to group you virtual machines to different network or lan segments.

Now click on lan segment button. A new dialog box pops up. Now click add button below and give the name of the network. For example LAB1, then click OK.

Create LAN connection in vmware workstation

Click ok for above operation.

Add LAN Segment

You can now click the drop down option and select the LAB1 option and click ok. Now our virtual machine MBG-DC1 is now on LAB1 segment. Now start the operating system and configure the IP address of the operating system.

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