Create Shared Mailbox in Exchange 2016

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After installing and configuring Exchange 2016, you can create different types of recipients. There are different types of mailbox recipients in Exchange 2016. They are User mailbox, shared mailbox, linked mailbox and resource mailbox. Shared mailbox can be used to read and reply emails of same mailbox by multiple user. For example,,, etc. In shared mailbox, the user account is disabled and user can’t login to mailbox directly. You can only login to shared mailbox using another mailbox that have required permission to access the shared mailbox. In this post, I will show steps to create shared mailbox in Exchange 2016. Steps to create shared mailbox in Exchange 2016 is little bit different from creating shared mailbox in Exchange 2013.

Create Shared Mailbox in Exchange 2016

There are three different types of permission that can be provided to users in order to access shared mailboxes. They are: –

  1. Full Access: Users that have full access permission have full control of shared mailbox. User can manage emails, calendars, etc. but can’t send emails unless they also have send as or send on behalf permission.
  2. Send As: Users can send emails as if they are logged in with shared mailbox account. The recipient will see the email is coming from shared mailbox.
  3. Send on Behalf: Users can send emails on behalf of shared mailbox. For example, if sends email to a recipient the recipient will see the email was sent by “JWalda on behalf of”. You can’t assgn Send on Behalf permission using EAC, you have to use Exchange Management Shell. Set-Mailbox cmdlet with the GrantSendonBehalf parameter. 

I will create a shared mailbox called and provide two users with full access and send as permission so that they can read and reply emails using shared mailbox. Log on to Exchange Admin Center. Click recipients in the features pane. Select shared tab.

Create Shared Mailbox in Exchange 2016

Click + “Add” to create new shared mailbox.

Create Shared Mailbox in Exchange 2016

Type display name of the shared mailbox. Type alias name. Under users, click + “Add” to assign permission for other mailboxes so that they can access this shared mailbox.

assign permission

Select mailbox users and click add. Here I have selected two users, Denis Mathers and Diana Walda. Now, these two users can now access this shared mailbox ( to read and reply emails. These two users will have full access and send as permission assigned automatically. User can’t send email with just full access permission, send as or send on behalf permission is required for the user to be able to send emails using shared mailbox. Click OK. Then click save.

shared mailbox created

The shared mailbox has been created.

shared mailbox created

To view the delegation settings, edit the shared mailbox. Click mailbox delegation.

mailbox delegation

Here you can add or remove users from Full Access and Send As permissions. You can assign Send on Behalf permission only from Exchange Management Shell. Now, let’s check the shared mailbox. Login to outlook on the web using user account.

open another mailbox

Click user icon on top right corner and click open another mailbox option.

another mailbox

Type and click open.

compose email

You can now compose email using shared mailbox. In this way you can create shared mailbox in Exchange 2016.

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