Create Team in Vmware Workstation 8

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Vmware is virtualization technology that lets you use multiple operating systems in one physical machine. Vmware workstation 8 is the new workstation virtualization software from Vmware Inc. You can download the trial version of VMware Workstation 8 here. You can create team in vmware workstation 8 by simply putting your virtual machines into the folder. The folder can be created on the Library pane of the Vmware workstation. Let’s create team in Vmware Workstation 8. Start by creating a folder in library.

Steps to create Team in Vmware Workstation 8

Open Vmware workstation 8. On Library pane which is in left side of the window, right-click My Computer and select New Folder. If there is no Library pane shown, you can click Create Team in Vmware Workstation 8show or hide library button on the menu bar.

Create Team in Vmware Workstation 8

After clicking on New Folder option, you can give the name to the folder.

Rename Folder Name in VMware Workstation 8

Now you can add virtual machines to the folder. Click File and open you existing virtual machine or create new from scratch. If you are creating new virtual machine then you can clone virtual machine to make more machines for your need. I will be adding existing virtual machines.

Library of VMware Workstation 8

I have added two virtual machines, MBG-DC1 and MBG-DC2. Now simply drag and drop the virtual machines to MustBeGeek folder. After adding the machines to the folder, the folder looks like this.

VMware worksation 8 Folder View


Adding machines to the folder is just so that it becomes easier for you to work with virtual machines. You can also create vmware team without arranging it into the folder. Folder is created just so that you it becomes easier for you to work. In vmware 8 there is no concept of team like it used to be in vmware 7. Actually you can create team by putting virtual machines into the folder. Then configuring the network adapters of those virtual machines to use same network or different. After creating folder and adding machines to the folder you can now create and manage LAN of the machine.

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