Deploy Manual Desktop Pool in VMware Horizon 6

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After installing View Connection server in vSphere environment, you can deploy virtual desktops. In this post, I will show steps to deploy manual desktop pool in VMware Horizon 6. Before deploying virtual desktops, you need to understand Desktop Pools. Desktop Pools are collection of one or more virtual desktops with similar attributes. Attributes are application, memory, processor, storage etc. There are three different types of Desktop Pools: –

  • Automated Desktop Pool
  • Manual Desktop Pool
  • RDS Desktop Pool

Here, I will setup manual desktop pool with dedicated user assignment to virtual desktop.

Deploy Manual Desktop Pool in VMware Horizon 6

Step 1. The very first step is to install client operating system. In this example, Windows 8.1 will be used. I have already installed Windows 8.1 in a virtual machine and joined it to domain. Make sure you have installed VMware tools, latest OS patches, renamed the hostname and made it a DHCP client.

Step 2. Second step is to install View Agent in the client operating system. Here, I have installed View Agent in Windows 8.1 machine.

Download View Agent from VMware and start the installation. Click Next on the welcome screen.


Accept License agreement. Click Next.


Review the features required. Click Next.

feature selection

Choose installation location. Click Next.

Choose Installation Location

The installation will begin.


After the setup is finished, click Finish and reboot the system.


Step 3. Now, third step is to create Manual Desktop Pool from View Connection admin console. Log on to View Connection server admin center. Expand Catalog from Inventory. Under Desktop Pools on the main windows, click Add button.

Adding Desktop Pool

Choose Manual Desktop Pool. On the right, you can see details about Manual Desktop Pool. Similarly, on the bottom-right, you can see the supported features in this pool option. Click Next.

Choose Manual Desktop Pool

Choose dedicated user assignment. You can see the details on the right. Click Next.

Deploy Manual Desktop Pool in VMware Horizon 6

Choose vCenter virtual machines as machine source.

machine source

Verify the vCenter and click Next.

desktop pool ID

Review the desktop pool settings. Click Next.

Desktop Pool Settings

Choose source virtual machine and click Add.

source virtual machine

Review storage options. Click Next.

storage option

Ready to complete. Click Finish.


Step 4. Add users to virtual desktops.

add entitlements

Add users.

add users

Adding Users.

Adding Users

Adding Bob.

adding bob

Step 5. Accessing the Virtual Desktop. Download and install VMware Horizon Client to access the desktop. Open VMware Horizon client application. Click Add Server. Type the domain name or IP address of View Connection server and click Connect.


Click continue if certificate warning is shown. Enter username and password as shown below. Click Login.

enter username

After login, you will see the desktop.


Double-click the Sales desktop. You will now connect to the desktop as shown below.

Desktop Connected

You can also view the session.

View Session

In this way, you can deploy virtual desktop in Horizon View.

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