Disable Outlook or MAPI Access in Exchange 2010 Mailbox

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MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface or Messaging API) provides the messaging architecture for Microsoft Outlook and other messaging clients. It is a set of functions that mail-aware and mail-enabled applications use to create, manipulate, transfer, and store mail messages. When you Disable Outlook or MAPI Access in Exchange 2010 Mailbox, the user will no longer be able to connect to mailbox from Outlook or other MAPI clients. However, mailbox will continue to receive emails. User can still access emails through Outlook Web App, POP email clients or using an IMAP Client if the mailbox is enabled to support access by those clients.

Disable Outlook or MAPI Access in Exchange 2010 Mailbox

You can disable MAPI access either through Exchange Management Console or through Exchange Management Shell.  In this article we will run through both processes to disable MAPI for a mailbox Test01.

Disabling MAPI on Mailbox using Exchange Management Console.

To disable MAPI using EMC, open Exchange Management Console → expand Recipient Configuration â†’ click on Mailbox â†’ select the mailbox for which you have to disable MAPI â†’ click on Properties from the action pane as shown below.

Disable Outlook or MAPI Access in Exchange 2010 Mailbox

This will open the mailbox properties page, now click on Mailbox Features tab â†’ Select MAPI and then click Disable.  Similarly you can switch between other mailbox protocols from this page. Once the required options are set, click on OK.

Disable MAPI

Disabling MAPI for a mailbox using Exchange Management Shell.

To disable MAPI for a mailbox using Exchange management shell, issue the following PS command.

Set-CasMailbox -Identity Test01 -MAPIenabled $false

The above command will not provide any output You can verify if MAPI is disabled or not by using the following PS command.

Get-CASMailbox -Identity Test01 | Select Mapie*

Which will output results similarly as shown below.

MAPI Enabled

You can also disable MAPI for multiple users by importing a csv file into the PS command.  Below is an example:

Import-Csv C:\Temp\List.csv|foreach { Set-CasMailbox -Identity $_.Ailas -MAPIenabled $false }

I have used the following csv template as an input to the above command.


In this way you can disable Outlook or MAPI Access in Exchange 2010 Mailbox.

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