Features of VMware Workstation 9

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VMware Inc. today announced VMware workstation 9. The software has significant changes as opposed to previous version i.e. VMware workstation 8. The new version released today supports Windows 8 Operating System.

Features of VMware Workstation 9

  1. WSX is a major feature in workstation 9. This feature allows users to access their shared virtual machines over the internet via web browser. The user can access virtual machines from any device that can run Internet Broswers which supports HTML5. Devices like tablets, smart phones can be used to easily access the virtual machines remotely. This is one of the major improvement in new VMware Workstation 9. Features of VMware Workstation 9

  2. VMware workstation 9 supports Windows 8. It has new touch interface that is built to support Windows 8 tablets. It can support multi touch screen gestures.
  3. The workstation supports USB 3.0 in Windows 8 virtual machines.

  4. Improved performance for nested virtualization. Support for Intel VT or AMD V. This allows you to run Microsoft’s Hyper V server or ESX Server as a Guest OS.

  5. Improved Disk management. In prior version of VMware Workstation, virtual disks consumed lot of disk space but this version has new capability which easily recovers disk space. There is option to clean up disks which significantly improves the disk space.

  6. Major improvements have been made on graphics of Guest OS. These improvements allows aplications like AutoCAD, SolidWorks render more quickly.

  7. Views of your virtual machine on the task bar now include controls to change the power state.

  8. The new version supports Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processor family.

  9. You can now control the access of the virtual machines by locking it with password.

The picture below shows new VMware Workstation 9: –

VMware Workstation 9

You can download the new version of VMware workstation from VMware’s website. For more information about new version you can check out VMware’s site.


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