How to Move Documents Folder in Windows 10

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Documents is one of the pinned shortcuts in Windows 10 and that is most likely where you will store your files. In its default configuration, Documents folder is located under each user profile folders. In some case, you may want to move the document from the location but still wants to use the shortcut. It is very possible to modify this shortcut to point to the new location. In this post we will explain How to Move Documents Folder in Windows 10.

How to Move Documents Folder in Windows 10

You can move the Documents folder in Windows 10 by following this simple step-by-steps

Step 1 – Prepare the New Document Location

The first thing to do is of course preparing the folder where we will move our documents to. In this example, we created new folder in drive D named “Docs & Work”. Feel free to use any name/location that suits your requirement. The most important thing is to note this folder full path location as we’re going to use it later.

How to Move Documents Folder in Windows 10

Step 2 – Modify the Shortcut Setting

Now go to “This PC” where you can see all the shortcuts listed. Right click on Documents shortcut and select Properties.

Click on the Location tab.

Now all you need to do is just entering the full path to your new location in the available field as shown in figure below (In this example we enter “D:\Docs & Work”). Hit OK to confirm.

You will be prompted whether you want to move the folder contents from the old location to the new location. In this example we select “Yes” (if you select “No”, the shortcut will still be pointing to the new location but the files will remain in the old location).

With this, you’re done! Now you can test opening the Document shortcut in file explorer and you will see that it is now in the new location.

Move the Documents Folder using Registry Editor

Alternatively, you can also move the Documents folder in Windows 10 by modifying registry. However, this requires you to move all Documents content manually to the new location. It is very recommended that you move your files before performing this step.

The registry key to change Document folder path can be found in:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

Find a file named “Personal” and modify its value using the new path for the Documents location. See example below:

How to Move Documents Folder in Windows 10When you’re done, simply logoff and re-logon to the computer and after that you’ll find out the Document shortcut has been moved to the new location.

Now you know how to move Documents folder in Windows 10.

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