How to move OneDrive Folder to a Different Location

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The built-in OneDrive app in Windows 10 enables integration of your files and folders stored in the cloud to the File Explorer through synchronization. However, depending on what you selected to sync, OneDrive may consume too much of your local disk space. Therefore, the best practice is to separate OneDrive folder from your OS volume. You don’t have to worry if right now your OneDrive folder is in the same volume as the system, because in this post we’re going to explain How to Move OneDrive Folder to a different location in the computer.

How to move OneDrive Folder to a Different Location

Knowing how to move OneDrive folder to another partition or volume can save you from low disk space issue. Assuming that you already have the synchronization set up and running, here’s how to move OneDrive folder from any location to another location in the PC:

1. Find out the OneDrive folder current location

The first thing you should do is locating the OneDrive folder in your PC. By default it is installed under C:\Users\(your_username) folder. If it isn’t there, you can find out the location via the folder properties. Open File Explorer, find the OneDrive folder link then right click on it and select Properties.

How to Move OneDrive Folder to a Different Location

In the properties window you can see the folder location in the PC. In the figure below for example, the folder is located under the user profile folder.

Make note of this location as you are going to need it later.

2. Unlink OneDrive from your PC

In File Explorer window, right click on OneDrive folder link and select Settings.

In the window that appears, go to the Account tab and click on Unlink this PC.

A pop up will appear as shown below, click the Unlink account button to confirm.

When you do, a OneDrive window will appear and prompting you to sign-in, just ignore this for now.

3. Move OneDrive folder to another location

Important: Before you start please make sure again that you have properly unlink OneDrive from your PC following the instruction on step number 1. If you haven’t properly unlink OneDrive from PC, it may negatively affect your files in the cloud when you perform this step. Now, in File Explorer, go to the location that you have noted in step 1. In there you will see the OneDrive folder icon.

Right click on it and select Cut.

Then paste it on anywhere you want. In our example, because we want to separate OneDrive folder from the OS data, so we paste it in different volume (D:) than the OS volume (C:).

4. Reconfigure OneDrive sync

For the final steps, click on the OneDrive icon in your taskbar.

The sign-in to OneDrive window will appear. Enter your email address then sign-in with your password.

After sign-in, configure the OneDrive folder location using the new location where you move it on step 3. Click on the Change location option in the window as shown below.

Specify the path to your OneDrive folder in the selection window that appears. In our example, we move the folder to D:\My Files\OneDrive. Click the Select Folder button to confirm.

Select Use this location on the prompt that appears.

Next, select the folder you want to sync. In our example we only select one folder. Click Next button to proceed your selection.

How to Move OneDrive Folder-14

With this you have successfully reconfigure OneDrive synchronization. Finally, notice the sync icon on OneDrive folder icon in the new location.

How to move OneDrive Folder to a Different Location

This means that you have completed all the steps properly. Now you know how to move OneDrive folder to a different location!

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