Install VMware Horizon 6 View Composer Server

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View Composer server is an optional component of VMware Horizon 6. It is used to deploy linked clone virtual desktops which can greatly reduce storage costs. The linked clone is based on parent base snapshot of virtual machine. We will use Windows 8 as base OS. You can install View Composer server in same instance where vCenter is installed or you can also install it separately in separate virtual/physical machine. You can install View Composer in Server 2008 R2 or Server 2012 R2. In this post, I will show steps to install VMware Horizon 6 View Composer server.

Hardware requirements of View Composer server are:

Hardware Requirement

Install VMware Horizon 6 View Composer Server

View Composer server requires database server. If you are already running database server for vCenter then you can use same database server for View Composer but you must create new/separate database instance. You can setup Oracle or Microsoft SQL database for View Composer. In our case, dedicated SQL Server 2012 has been installed in Windows Server 2012 R2 already. The View Composer database stores all the information about linked clone virtual desktops deployed by View Composer.

The diagram below shows the scenario we have been working on.

VMware View Design

1. Log on to View Composer (vCOMP01) as domain Administrator. Before you start installation of View Composer, you need to setup database server and create ODBC database connection to SQL server. Download View Composer server installation file and start the installation.

2. Run the installer now. Go through the welcome screen and click Next.

3. Accept License Agreement and click Next.

Accept License Agreement

4. Choose installation location. Click Next.

Choose Installation Location

5. Enter the DSN name and ODBC username that we created earlier. Click Next.


6. Review SOAP port and click Next.


7. Verify the installation location and click Install button to begin the installation.

Start Install

8. After few seconds, the installation will complete. Click Finish and reboot the server.

Complete Installation

Now go to View Admin console and add View Composer server. To do so, login to View Admin console. Expand View Configuration from the Inventory pane. Click Edit.

Add View Composer

As you can see in the vCenter Server tab, vCenter has already been added. Under the View Composer server settings, click Edit.

Edit View Composer Settings

Choose Standalone View Composer server option. Type server IP address, username and password. Click verify Server Information.

Add View Composer Server

Accept the certificates. You can always install certificates later. Now you can see the option to add domain. Click Add and add your active directory domain. Click OK two times

add domain

Installation of View Composer is complete. You can now Deploy Linked Clone Virtual Desktops in VMware View 6. But before that, make sure View Event monitoring is setup.

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