Install Windows 7 from USB

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The process of installing Windows in your PC is getting simpler and simpler. In the past, installing Windows OS from USB stick was nightmare. But thankfully Microsoft has changed that. Here I will show steps to install Windows 7 from USB drive. These steps are very easy. All you need is USB drive with at least 4GB memory and Windows installation disk or ISO file. The other thing you will need is to download this tool from Microsoft.

Install Windows 7 from USB

After completing the download of Windows 7 tool install it in your PC. Now open the Windows 7 USB tool from desktop. You will see following screen.

Install Windows 7 from USB

Click the Browse button and select the Windows 7 ISO file and click Next button.

Install Windows 7 from USB

Now click USB device. You will see the following screen,

USB Media

Select your USB stick from the drop down. Mine is drive o. Click Begin copying to start the process. Note that your USB stick will be formatted here. So if you have important files in, you might want to take care of that.

format usb

After formatting the USB stick the process will start copying installation files to the USB. This copying process will take some time. After finishing copying, your USB stick is ready to install Windows 7 operating system.

Install Windows 7 from USB

You can now close the box and use USB drive to install Windows 7 operating system. You might want to have control for which version of Windows 7 you wish to install. To do just that, delete the file named ei.cfg from O:\sources location.

Install Windows 7 from USB

Before starting the installation process make sure the default first boot media is selected as USB drive in BIOS boot menu. Now you can insert the USB stick and reboot the host machine. You will see following screen after install process starts.

install windows

You can now select the appropriate version of Windows to install. You will most probably want to install the version of which serial number you have. If you do no delete the ei.cfg file then you won’t be able to choose Windows version.

I guess now you have realized how easy is to install Windows 7 from USB stick.

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