Join Windows 10 to Domain

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When you setup Active Directory Domain Controller server in your network, you can then join one or more Windows clients to the Active Directory domain. You can centrally manage domain-joined PCs from domain controller. You can create, configure and apply group policies to push various user and computer settings to the domain-joined machine. Similarly, you can also create and manage user accounts accessing the domain-joined PCs and other resources of the Active Directory domain. This article shows steps to join Windows 10 to Domain.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

To join a Windows 10 machine to domain you need to login to the machine as local administrator and use domain administrator credentials while joining the machine to domain.

Step 1. Logon to Windows 10 machine. Open Run application and type sysdm.cpl. It will open System Properties dialog box.

Step 2. Under System Properties, select Computer Name tab and click Change.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step 3. In the Computer Name/Domain Changes dialog box, choose Domain under Member of option and enter domain name of your AD Domain and click OK.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step 4. Enter domain Administrator credential. If you are using any other domain administrator account other than administrator then make sure the user is assigned with domain admins rights and click OK.

Step 5. Once you click OK, you will get welcome message as shown above. Click OK.

Step 6. For the change to take affect you need to restart the PC. Click OK

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step 7. You can see the computer name is now FQDN and domain is This means the PC is now joined to domain Now click Close.

Step 8. Click Restart Now to restart the PC. After PC restarts, you can login to the PC with domain user account.

You can also verify from domain controller. Open Active Directory Users and Computers, expand domain name and select Computers OU. You can see the machine from domain controller.

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