Network Latency and Throughput

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Network latency and Throughput are terms used in computer networks to define the state of connection between two end points. There are significant differences between these two terms.

Network Latency and Throughput

Network Latency

In data network, latency means time when a particular packet takes to reach the destination from source. The term delay is similar to latency. Popular tools like ping and traceroute can be used to measure the delay or latency of the link or connection. Usually this is done by considering time when packet takes to reach to destination from source. The latency or delay can be low if there is high congestion in the traffic or can be because of errors and distance as well. Jitter is delay when the packet has different time every next data transfer.

Measuring latency with Ping

Network Latency and Throughput

The following useful information can be obtained from the output:-

  • The average round trip delay is 324ms
  • The delay time is between 317ms and 341ms (Min and Max round trip times)
  • Total of four packets were sent and received each of 32 bytes with no loss.

Network Throughput

Network throughput is the amount of data that can traverse through a given medium. The network throughput is measured in bits per second (bps). Throughput can be high or low depending on your network infrastructure. Devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, cables, network cards can have significant impact on the network throughput. High speed devices and cables will definitely increase your network throughput.


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