Setup Exchange 2010 to Receive Email for Multiple Domains

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When you install Exchange 2010, a default accepted domain name is configured automatically. The default domain name is populated from Active Directory forest root domain. For example, if you have a forest root domain of company.local then the default accepted domain name will be company.local. .local domain name is not routable on the Internet so you must change that anyway. So, the default accepted domain name might not be your preferred domain name. You might also want to accept email for multiple domain names for same mailboxes. In such scenario, you need to setup Exchange 2010 to Receive Email for Multiple Domains.

Setup Exchange 2010 to Receive Email for Multiple Domains

Accepted domain names are authoritative domain names that your Exchange server will accept emails for. If your employees have email address of then the domain name is the authoritative domain name. The MX record for the domain name must also be pointed to Exchange server in your organization. To make MX record changes, you can log on to control panel of your domain hosting provider like GoDaddy. Now, let’s add a accepted domain name. Let’s say I want to add as new accepted domain name. In your Exchange server, log on to Exchange Management Console (EMC), Expand the Organizational configuration. Select Hub Transport and click Accepted Domains tab.

Setup Exchange 2010 to Receive Email for Multiple Domains

This is where you configure, add/remove accepted domain names.

authoritative domain name

Under Name, type a name to identify the accepted domain name. Under Accepted Domain, type actual accepted domain name to accept emails for. Choose authoritative domain option and click New.

Accepted Domain Name Created

As you can see the green check mark. The new accepted domain name has been created. Click Finish.

List Of Accepted Domain

You can now see the list of accepted domains. domain is populated by default from active directory forest root domain. Now, configure email address policy to apply the new domain name as email address for mailboxes. You can also configure a new accepted domain through Exchange Management Shell using PowerShell cmdlets. First, open the Exchange Management Shell and type following cmdlets,

  • To create an Authoritative domain type,
    • New-AcceptedDomain —Name “” —DomainName —DomainType Authoritative
  • To create an Internal Relay domain type,
    • New-AcceptedDomain —Name “” —DomainName —DomainType InternalRelay
  • To create an External Relay domain type,
    • New-AcceptedDomain —Name “” —DomainName —DomainType ExternalRelay
  • To view the list of Accepted Domain names type,
    • Get-AcceptedDomain

This is how you can setup Exchange 2010 to accept emails for multiple domain names. You can now configure Email Address Policy to update email address of mailboxes.

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