Smart Google Search Tricks

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Have you ever been frustrated because google search is not showing you the results you wanted? There are lot of ways that you can use for getting the required results. Today I will give you some smart google search tricks and tips. This will make your life easier and save your time.

Smart Google Search Tricks

1. Search exact keywords

You can search exact keywords by using double quotation marks(“”). You can also get the same result by typing ‘+’ sign after each word. This method is also called concatenation in programming. For example “Buddha was born in Nepal

Smart Google Search Tricks

2. Search information from specific site

If you know the result you want is in specific web site, then this is helpful. Type the “keyword:site_name”. For example,

Smart Google Search Tricks

3. Using asterisk(*) sign

To find every possible results of particular keyword then (*) is used. For example,

Asterisk Search

4. Using minus(-) sign

Minus sign is used to exclude keyword. For example if you search for Barcelona in google, the results will display footbal and club information. In this case you wanted google to show Barcelona place information. Then you need to use minus to exclude football. For example Chelsea -football.

Chelsea Football

5. Using OR Operator

You can search both keyword in single results by OR keyword. This result will show contents containing both keywords.

Google OR Operator

6. Number Range

You can search results by range. For example smartphone range 200$…700$.

Range Search

7. Search for specific file type

You may want to search for presentation or pdf files. To get those result quickly you must use filetype keyword in search box. For example, vpn protocols filetype:pdf. You can also search other file types like doc, jpg, mp3 etc..

Search File Types

8. Time

To search for current time of particular place or country simply type “time in place_name” excluding double quote mark.For example find our current time of country Nepal.

Time in Nepal

9. Fill in the blank

If you want to know some short information quickly then asterisk (*) can be very helpful. For example you want to know the birth place of Gautam Buddha then,

Buddha was born in nepal

10. Public Data

You can search public data of place or country by simply typing “unemployment rate place_name” or “population place_name”.

Unemployment rate USA

11. Define Keyword

You can use “define” keyword to find defination of particular keyword. For example define:fruits

Define Keyword

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