Configure Load Balancing on Cisco EIGRP

EIGRP or Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol is a Cisco proprietary technology for routing. It calculates the best route to a destination using metric value that is based on the link bandwidth and delay. When there are several routes with an equal metric value, by default all dynamic routing protocols, including EIGRP, will used all […]


Configure GLBP in Cisco IOS Router

Improvement at the gateway level is now more than just about redundancy as we can use Cisco’s sophisticated feature called GLBP or Gateway Load Balancing Protocol. Just by looking at the name, we can easily guess its superior value compared to HSRP or VRRP. In HSRP or VRRP, only the active/master router that do the […]


Load Balance Dual ISP Internet in Juniper SRX

There are different methods for load balancing internet traffic in Juniper SRX series devices. Two of them are per flow load balancing and filter based load balancing. You can use any method to load balance dual ISP internet in Juniper SRX or MX series or J series devices. Here, I will load balance dual ISP internet […]