Redistribute OSPF Route into BGP in Cisco IOS Router

Usually it is not a best practice to perform redistribution especially in BGP. But some specific network deployment scenario requires us to redistribute an IGP routes like OSPF or EIGRP into BGP instead of advertising the subnet using network command in BGP. This article explains the command to Redistribute OSPF Route into BGP in Cisco […]

Redistribute BGP Route into OSPF in Cisco IOS Router

When we run BGP together with any IGP routing, sometimes it is required to redistribute BGP routes into that IGP. This usually required where BGP peers are separated by certain number of hops that aren’t participating in BGP — so they don’t know the route to the destination network that is advertised by BGP. In […]

Redistribute Static Route into EIGRP in Cisco IOS Router

EIGRP or Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol is a Cisco proprietary technology. However, it is still possible to integrate other routing protocols into EIGRP and/or vice versa. The most common thing to do in the network is injecting static route into EIGRP routing table so that hosts in the EIGRP network can communicate with the […]

Distribute Static Route via OSPF in Cisco IOS Router

It is possible to have various routing protocols running in a network. Sometimes a communication between hosts that are running different routing protocol is required, and the way to accommodate the needs is by implementing route redistribution. Route redistribution is a terminology used to explain a process to distribute routes learned from one routing protocol […]

Configure Redistribution between RIP and OSPF in Cisco IOS Router

These days almost nobody uses RIP anymore, unless their network has to support a legacy machine or an older router model. In this situation, the best practice is to limit RIP network as such and use a newer routing protocol on the rest part of the network, such as OSPF. Cisco IOS Router supports both […]