Load Balance Dual ISP Internet in Juniper SRX

There are different methods for load balancing internet traffic in Juniper SRX series devices. Two of them are per flow load balancing and filter based load balancing. You can use any method to load balance dual ISP internet in Juniper SRX or MX series¬†or J series devices. Here, I will load balance dual ISP internet […]


Configure Dual ISP Link Failover in Juniper SRX

If you have two ISPs or two different links for same destination, then you can configure floating static route. Floating static route allows you to failover the link if the primary link fails. This is accomplished by using preference and qualified-next hop feature available in JunOS operating system. To configure dual ISP link failover in […]


Configure IP Monitoring in SRX Cluster

There might be case in our network where we want to fail-over to secondary node when the Internet connection breaks or link breaks. In Juniper SRX cluster, you can configure fail-over in a way that if a specified IP address is unreachable then failover is initiated. Interface monitor feature configured in redundancy group is unable […]


Configure High Availability Cluster in Juniper SRX

Juniper SRX series firewall provides high availability options for continuous service operation. There are different ways of configuring high availability cluster in Juniper SRX. It is easy to configure high availability cluster in Juniper SRX. But before configuring cluster you must understand some basics of SRX cluster and concepts. Configure High Availability Cluster in Juniper […]


Configure Firewall Rule in Juniper SRX

Firewall rules or also called security policies are methods of filtering and logging traffic in the network. Juniper firewalls are capable of filtering traffic based on source/destination IP address and port numbers. Juniper SRX series firewall products provide firewall solutions from SOHO network to large corporate networks. SRX firewall inspects each packets passing through the […]


Configure Logs in Juniper SRX

Logs play an important role in identifying and fixing troubles. In Juniper devices, there are different ways to configure logs. You can configure a Juniper device to send log messages to log server in the network or within the device. JunOS is heart of Juniper devices and works just perfect. Today I will show you […]


Block SSH Login Attack in Juniper SRX

In JunOS, the default port number for SSH protocol is 22. As of writing this article, Juniper recommended version for Junos OS is 11.4R5.5 for SRX100 to SRX 240 and SRX650 model. Up to now there is no functionality of Junos to change the default port number of SSH protocol. Since 22 is the only […]