Copy Files From Host To Virtual Machine In Hyper V

In Hyper V, copying files from host machine to the virtual machine is not so easy. In VMware workstation, you would simple install VMware tools and then simply copy and paste the files. But in Hyper V, this is not the case. There are some work around methods that you could use to copy files […]


Configure Hyper V Virtual Machine With Internet Connection

Hyper V is a virtualization technology introduced by Microsoft. Hyper V allows you to run multiple operating systems on a same physical machine. In my previous post, I talked about installing Hyper V in Windows 8 Pro. To configure Hyper V virtual machine with internet connection, all you need is a virtual machine in Hyper […]


Clone virtual machine in VMware vCenter

There are a couple of ways to clone existing virtual machine in VMware environment. You can clone virtual machine with VMware vCenter or even clone with VMware vSphere client. vCenter server has a lot of features and functionality that just works great. Here, I will show how to clone virtual machine in VMware vCenter server. […]


Create Copy of Existing Virtual Machine in ESXi Server

There are a couple of ways to copy or clone existing virtual machine. I will talk about two methods to clone virtual machines. If you have vCenter server in you environment, you can clone virtual machine with vCenter management console. But if you have just vSphere client then you can simply copy and paste virtual […]


Create Team in Vmware Workstation 8

Vmware is virtualization technology that lets you use multiple operating systems in one physical machine. Vmware workstation 8 is the new workstation virtualization software from Vmware Inc. You can download the trial version of VMware Workstation 8 here. You can create team in vmware workstation 8 by simply putting your virtual machines into the folder. […]