Using HELP Commands in Junos

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It would be great if we could remember every commands of boxes. But this is not so. Junos is core operating system of Juniper Networks. The JUNOS software is based on the FreeBSD operating system. Junos commands are hierarchical based which makes it much easier to configure any Junos device. Juniper Networks is booming it self. There are lot of happy customer and engineers/administrators of Juniper devices. Using help commands in Junos is easy task. If you forget some commands, help is right here in the box. You don’t have to google for the commands you need.

Using HELP Commands in Junos

Today I will give you some help in using HELP commands in Junos operating system. Help command is used in operational mode.

Using HELP Commands in Junos

There are five types of help in Junos. Lets go one by one.

1. Apropos

This command is used to find the full command that matches at least one keyword. This is useful when you remember some middle keyword of the whole command. For example you remember keyword flow of the command but not the full command. Say the full command was clear security flow. 

Using HELP Commands in Junos

2. Reference

This command is very useful. This will give you the brief configuration information of the particular command.Using HELP Commands in Junos3. Syslog

Viewing log is very important step in troubleshooting. But understanding those logs is even more critical. So if you don’t understand some logs then this command is for you. Say for example you don’t know the error message SNMP_TRAP_LINK_DOWN means. Syslog command will show the description of the error message.Junos Syslog Help Command

4. Tip

This command will show you different tips using the Junos cli. Every time you hit this command, you will get different tip each time which is pretty cool isn’t it?

5. Topic

This command will give you the whole story. It will give you detailed explanation and configuration commands. Junos Topic Help Command

I am sure help command will be very helpful for you.


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