VMware Workstation Freezes

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VMware Workstation 8 is a popular virtualization software from VMware Inc. VMware workstation 8 is upgraded from earlier version, VMware Workstation 7. The VMware Workstation 8 allows you to create virtual machines and LAN connections in virtual environment. VMware has removed the team feature in this version. Instead of team, folders are now used for teaming virtual machines. With new VMware workstation 8 users are facing some problems. Lot of users are facing some lag issues while using VMware workstation 8. Sometimes VMware Workstation freezes. Some users are facing short freeze in each mouse click. This can be very annoying to users. Good news is, there are solutions to this problem and works simply great. Today I will give you some solution to get rid of VMware Workstation freezing problem.

Solution to VMware Workstation Freezes

When you create a virtual machines, most of required devices are added automatically. You can see those information in virtual machine settings. Click hardware tab to view the default devices added to the virtual machine. Look out for the devices with auto detect summary.

VMware Workstation Freezes

The figure above shows default virtual devices being added when you create a new virtual machine. Remove the devices that have auto detects option in the summary column. Devices like CD/DVD (IDE), floppy, and sound card are devices that normally you won’t need. By default, these devices are in auto detect mode. So they try to detect those devices automatically and does unnecessary processing on the background. These unnecessary processing causes the application to freeze. So remove these unnecessary devices. You may also want to remove print device which is also not required most of the times. Similarly, remove floppy device.

After removing those unnecessary virtual devices, configuration looks like this,

Virtual Machine Settings

After making above change, it will stop constant freeze in VMware Workstation 8. This is the solution to constant freezing problem. You can do the same settings in VMware workstation 9. This will improve your VMware workstation’s performance. I hope this will be helpful for you. 

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